Maximize the financial health of your practice, engage with patients & work from anywhere.

Streamline your check-in & out processes

ArogyaMD creates a positive front desk experience while increasing your cash flow.

View & control your entire schedule in one view

Access vital patient information and control the entire patient scheduling process from a single screen. Manage patient demographics, view referral information, verify insurance coverage, check-in, and of course, schedule appointments.


Determine copay, deductibles & insurance coverage prior to service

eEligibility allows you to automate the confirmation of patient insurance coverage prior to the appointment. Use on-demand verification for on-the-spot checks.


Verify immediately

With Patient verification you can proactively manage the situation of seeing a patient who has recently visited.


Verify entire week

Schedule automatic batch checks on patient visits between one to seven days before the appointment.


Verify at any time

Verify insurance coverage on-demand. Coverage information updates electronically, directly into the patient file.


Collect outstanding balances

Patient’s balance amount are calculated for you so you can quickly collect payment during the check-in or checkout process. With integrated credit card processing you can process and post automatically to a patient account with a swipe and a click.

Capture patient photo

Improve your patient experience by capturing a photo for instant recognition on subsequent visits. When you add a patient photo, it is automatically made available across all areas of ArogyaMD – demographics, EHR software and iPad.



Enter charges online & on the go

Enter charges using our online charge slips with the ease of point-and-click and the familiarity of old paper bills. You can post procedure, diagnosis or modify codes at the point of care or on the go.



Design and customize your charge slips according to provider preference and appointment type.


Improve communications

Improve communication, collections and financial performance by entering details for all scheduled and missed visits.


Never miss charges

Old paper bills can be easily misplaced. Conveniently enter charges on your PC or iPad.

Track & schedule recall visits

Depending on provider workflow preference, they can set recall reminders for the front desk to follow up during checkout or quickly schedule recall appointments at the point of care.


Create custom & default alerts

Setup alerts for procedures that require follow-up care. Quickly apply predefined appointment defaults or schedule appointments at the point of care.


Track patient compliance

Run a weekly recall visit report to determine which patients are adhering to their scheduled recall appointments and follow up with those who haven't.


Appointment reminders

Whether you automate appointment reminders or use the interactive patient work lists, you can make sure timely reminders are sent. All Rights Reserved.