Maximize the financial health of your practice, engage with patients & work from anywhere.

Practice on the go with iPad & iPhone

Improve your productivity with the simplicity of mobile EHR touch

Capture charges anytime, anywhere

Easily create new patients, capture charges and see outstanding charges from your iPad. You'll minimize the risk of lost charge slips. And best of all, your work is automatically synchronized to the ArogyaMD cloud, so your billing manager can immediately access charges.


Manage charges

Select procedure and diagnosis codes, add modifiers, change the number of units, reorder or delete codes all prior to submission.


View visit history

View a history of patient appointments and visits as well as indicators that show if a charge slip has been completed for their visit.


Review bin

View charge slips that need to be completed, SOAP notes that need to be edited or completed and lab results that need to be signed.


Add a new patient

You can quickly add a new patient, enter demographic information and the app will present you with possible duplicate matches.


Add a patient photo

View a patient photos that are taken and uploaded by your front desk, or quickly snap one with your iPad from the patient face sheet.


Communicate with staff & patients

Collaborate with staff through secure interoffice messaging. Communicate with patients through the secure Patient Portal.

Gain total access to your EHR templates & notes

Attend to tasks even when away from your practice—from your home, the hospital or a secondary office location. Quickly review previous notes, prescription histories, problem and allergy lists, as well as lab results. Use your iPad or iPad mini to fully engage in clinical documentation with the convenience of acronyms and bookmarks.



Take your schedule with you

The friendly and easy-to-use ArogyaMD scheduler is available on your iPad. You can view your schedule, your entire practice schedule or a specific doctor’s schedule. Patient details such as visit number or appointment type are conveniently displayed to help you organize your day.


Color-coded appointments

The same appointment colors you use to customize the scheduler also help you quickly identify appointment types on the iPad.


Always up-to-date

When changes are made by you or your front office, everything is instantly seen across both the iPad and the front desk schedule.


Easily attach charges

Create a charge slip, then quickly tie it to the appointment by clicking on the patient name in the schedule view.


Download for your iPhone

The ArogyaMD iPhone app gives you mobile access to schedules, messages, and patient data. This is just the start with many additional features such as our upcoming “MyArogyaFile” release.


Download on your iPad

The ArogyaMD iPad app provides mobility and access to your patient data, schedules, and messaging. There are many other features including ArogyaRx and detailed templates that will be coming in future releases. All Rights Reserved.