Maximize the financial health of your practice, engage with patients & work from anywhere.

Manage all your revenue

Quickly collect every Rupee you’re owed with complete revenue cycle management tools

Receive ERAs electronically automates the processing of payer Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files. It takes care of receiving and posting payments as well as building work lists to manage unexpected payment issues.


Save time

Send and receive information in one place. No more manual payment matching and tracking. No downloading and importing ERAs.


Improve accuracy automatically matches medical visits with charges. Correctly paid amounts can be posted with a click. Unexpected payments are placed in actionable work lists.


Guided implementation

Our implementation team helps you set up your payer EDI agreements through our clearinghouse.


Reduce your days in A/R

One of your daily tasks is tracking every Rupee. generates patient and payer collection worklists with automated, prioritized follow-up tasks that boost your collections productivity and financial performance.


Track follow-up history

Track the history of steps taken to collect an outstanding balance. Easily create actions, next actions and add notes.


Customizable worklists

Build and prioritize custom worklist of balance-due accounts to help your staff improve collections efficiency.


Manage collection letters

View, print, modify and track collections letters by responsible party. Create and use form templates based on your needs.

Pinpoint & resolve A/R issues

Our comprehensive A/R reporting allows you to view both strategic summary information and potential problems to keep you on top of trends. Customize your reports to quickly pinpoint and resolve A/R issues and bring cash flow within your goal ranges.



Track & resolve denials

Resolve your denied or underpaid claims through our interactive denial worklist. This allows you to effectively follow up on all your claims. You’ll capture more revenue and create a more sustainable medical practice.

Collect patient balance

ArogyaMD calculates and displays the patient fee for the current visit, helping your staff accurately collect patient balances at checkout. The result: higher first-time reimbursement capture, avoiding costly post-visit collections efforts while reducing waiting times during check-in.


Post by responsible party

Post payments for multiple responsible parties or a single payment to all patients under a responsible party.


Integrated credit card processing

Leverage integrated credit card processing to auto post payments to responsible party with a swipe and a click.


Process credit cards on file

Process payments with credit card on file. You can choose to which credit card to run and process a receipt. All Rights Reserved.