Maximize the financial health of your practice, engage with patients & work from anywhere.

Online Booking

Help patients find your practice and book appointments, anytime — at no cost!


Save time and money

Nearly one-third of staff time is spent on scheduling, and this still doesn’t prevent unfilled appointment slots and lost business. Online scheduling allows patients to book appointments that same day, without using staff time—so you won’t waste time or money.



Promote your practice locally

“MyArogyaFile” allows nearby patients to find your practice by searching by specialty and location. You can use your free profile to introduce your practice and share positive stories and feedback from your existing patients.

Get requests in your EHR

Provider profiles include an online calendar allowing prospective patients to request appointments with you. Approved requests will automatically sync with your EHR schedule and send a confirmation email to the patient—all in one click.



Gather feedback from patients

Patient surveys can be sent after each visit to help measure patient care. These surveys give you an understanding of your practice workflow, patients’ interactions with staff, and overall patient satisfaction. All Rights Reserved.