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Medical Charting

Designed by doctors, our flexible templates can be used for your specialty or customized to fit your specific practice needs. Charting is fast, easy and compatible with your current workflow.


Flexible templates, smarter charting

With over 220 templates designed to serve the needs of dozens of specialties, we’ve made it easy to get your practice charting quickly. Our templates are designed with the input of practicing physicians and recommendations of leading medical associations.

Build and customize your own templates

Every practice is different. That’s why we’ve made our templates completely customizable, so you can edit your templates to fit your practice’s exact workflow, or create your own. These templates will be automatically sorted by frequency, so your charting can get quicker with time.

See your patients at a glance

Our convenient patient profile brings all the most relevant charting information in one place, with an instant list of diagnoses, prescriptions, drug allergies and past medical history. Straight from the patient chart dashboard, you can manage…

  • Diagnosis history (Dx)

  • Medication list (Rx)

  • Advanced directives

  • Past medical history

  • Immunization records

  • Automatic CDC growth charts

With our summary tabs, you can get a snapshot of all the activity on the patient chart, along with past appointments, referrals, medications, labs and more. Starting a chart note from a patient chart is easy—from standard SOAP notes to phone messages, nutritionist notes and more.

If you are bringing patient information from an existing system, we can do a one-time import of your patient demographic data, directly from your EHR account. All Rights Reserved.